Lorrelle 2pc Care Shower Cubicle 1200mm x 825mm x 1970mm

The Lorelle shower cubicle is a two-piece unit that can dismantled to fit through a standard doorway. Bolted together with Stainless Steel Bolts it can be silicon sealed from behind before installed. With a freestanding base as standard and a fixing flange around the edges, installing is quick and easy. The Lorelle comes with a low step/hob; it suits being fitted with a glass shower screen. A moulded soap holder on the left hand side and a moulded seat on the right hand side are the main features of this shower cubicle. With the inclusions of grab rails and hand shower of your choice this cubicle is suitable for any one wanting to replace an old bath with a low step/hob shower cubicle. The waste outlet is centre to the rear.


  • Two Piece Construction  
  • Free Standing Base with a low Step/Hob 
  • Ideal for Shower Screen  
  • Fixing Flanges around the edge 
  • Moulded Soap Holder and Corner Seat
    • $