Standard Base or Raised Base?

All of the cubicles we make at Flair Showers are Free Standing. This makes the install of our showers much easier for you as there is no need to bed the shower cubicle into mortar, saving time. Our bases are reinforced with ply and levelling pads to ensure a solid, quality base that will not crack or leak. We offer two variations – the Standard Base and the Raised Base.


What is the Difference ?

The Standard base is recommended for installs where the cubicle will be placed on a timber floor with underfloor access or new builds where the waste can be set up in the slab when poured.

The Raised Base is an option for people installing their cubicle on an existing concrete floor and don’t want to cut the slab.

By purchasing a Raised Base Shower from Flair, you have the option of redirecting the waste outlet under the shower without the need for the expensive time-consuming and messy task of cutting your concrete slab. The waste pipe can be redirected to an existing waste in floor, or through an adjoining wall to another waste point/pipe, the Saniflo system is another option that can be used with a raised base.

Flair Showers – Standard Bases

Flair Showers – Raised Bases

Shower Cubicle

Never use abrasive pads / scourers or cleaners on the Shower Cubicle.

Abrasive cleaning pads or cleaning products will scratch/dull the shower surface.