Cleaning and Care Instructions

Never use abrasive pads / scourers or cleaners on the Shower Cubicle. Abrasive cleaning pads or cleaning products will scratch/dull the shower surface.

Most non-abrasive shower cleaning products can be used on the gelcoat surface to clean and sanitise the shower cubicle. (Always following the instructions of the chosen product) A soft cloth or sponge should always be used to clean the shower surface. For a non chemical alternative – spray with white vinegar (leave for half an hour) and wet a soft cloth with vinegar and wipe shower down. For scummy areas baking soda can be used to gently clean the surface. Rinse the shower with water to remove any residue left on the surface of the shower cubicle.

To insure long lasting life for your glass shower screens, wipe them off after each use with a soft cloth or Rinse and wipe the glass using a squeegee to prevent soap build up. To maintain the appearance of your new stainless steel product, follow these essential care an cleaning instructions. Clean or wipe over with selected cleaners before soils or spatters bake on. Avoid the use of excessively abrasive or corrosive cleaning products. While cleaning, always follow the polish or brushing lines. To avoid polish marks, do not rub excessively in one spot and use a soft cloth. Take care when cleaning exposed stainless steel edges.



Cleaning and Care

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Shower Cubicle

We can organise delivery by road freight

All showers will be palletised and the delivery address must have a forklift on site to unload the shower.